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How do I add a Flash graphic as the main image at the top of my website?

1. In Edit Your Website mode with your mouse, hover on “Add/Change Top Photo”

2. Select Add/Change Top Photo

3. Browse to the folder on your computer where the Flash file you wish it add is stored

4. Upload File

5. Save Changes

Flash will automatically resize to fit your selected template

*We do have size restrictions for flash files. If you are having trouble uploading a flash while in edit mode, you may need to condense the size of your flash file. You can also try loading it directly into your File Library as space restrictions are larger when you upload files directly into your library. 

Still having trouble? email your flash file to us so we can get it loaded for you.

*If you don't have a flash and would like one, please contact our Design Team from your Web Builder Dashboard. One of our representatives will contact you shortly to discuss your specifications.


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Last update: 2011-03-02 20:47
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