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What are the benefits and features of the Password Protected Page Manager.

We now offer a Password Protected Page feature

for secure file sharing and client specific documents


Our Password Protected Pages feature allows you to add groups and members to access secure areas of your website that the general public cannot.

Are you a lawyer who has confidential client forms you would like to make available online to your clients in a secure way? A government contractor who needs to supply large report files to your vendors?

Our Password Protect Page feature allows you to create Individual or Group password protected access to your website allowing you and your clients a secure way to easily share files and information.

It’s as easy as

1. Adding your Secure Member

2. Add your Secure Members email address

3. Create a unique Username & Password for your Secure Member

4. Add them to a Group if necessary

5. Choose the pages they have access too

Their unique Username and Password will be emailed to them right from your database!!

Password Protected Pages are a fabulous way to organize wholesalers and clients and can even offer ways to share documents online with your contractors in a private, secure way.

password protected pages

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