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How do I add a link to another website that is not my own from my paragraph text?

Creating a link from your paragraph is a great way to add external links to more information or to add shortcut links for calls to action to your visitors like "Visit Our Local Chamber of Commerce Website."

1. In Edit Website Mode, select "Edit Text" on the text paragraph that you wish to add your link

2. Highlight the word (or words) with your mouse where you would like to create the link  (i.e "Visit Our Local Chamber of Commerce Website")
3. From the editor tool which is located above your text, click on the Link icon (The word "Link" and/or the image that looks like a sideways chain link)
5. The Insert/Edit link pop up box will appear
6.  In Link URL, paste the full web address in which you want your highlighted text to link (http://www.chamberofcommerce.com)
7.  Select your target window to open the external website in a new browser window (Open in new window (_blank).
8.  Select “Insert” in the Insert/Edit Link pop up box.
9.  Your link has now been created
10. Save your changes

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