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2012-05-08 02:13
Adding/Editing Content on your Website:
Can I add Adsense? If so, how?
2015-10-05 07:24
Nora Semonsen
Adding/Editing Content on your Website:
How do I change the color or look of text that has links associated with it? Right now it defaults to dark red with no underline. It is therefore hard to distinguish from the black text near it. Do I have any control of this?
2016-08-12 21:27
Jennifer Freels
Password Protected Pages:
Hi, I have several pages login and pw protected for access by my reps only. I just added a new page "Current Production Times" and checked it under pages that are password protection like the other pages. When I login and put in the password to get to that page, it tells me I do not have access. Help!
2016-12-23 16:16
Ann Granger
Adding/Editing Content on your Website:
How do I back up before making extensive changes to a page?
2017-09-07 21:29
Chris Boyd
Didn't find a suitable category so I left this in the default category. Our company website is We need a web page that multiple users can log in to and data for that user only is displayed for the logged in user. The use will then be able to update the displayed data and enter new data into the form. When a save button is clicked the new/updated data is then saved and the user is logged out. We then need to be able to download the data to our local computer for processing. What I see the website needing is a backend database to store the data, the ability use something like PHP for logic and the ability to upload and download data to the website. Does your hosting service provide this functionality?