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What are Search Engine Meta Titles, Keywords and Descriptions and how do I write them?

Meta Titles are titles on your website that contain important keywords and sentences used by the search engines to help decide how to rank your website in search results. There are three kinds of Meta Tags: Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords.

1). Click the “Search Engine Optimization” section of the page you wish to optimize
2) In the “Search Engine Title” box-type in the text you would like that page to be queried for. A Meta Title is very important for building your search engine placement. Your Meta Title is viewable at the top of your website in the blue bar above the browser. The Meta Title, also known as the “title tag” or “HTML tag,” is one of the most important determiners of search engine rankings. It is also visible in search engine results, which may determine whether or not people choose to visit your website. A good limit is 60 characters, so be frugal with your words (i.e Plumber in Portland")

A good default example to start with:

City / State,  Optional Region, Attraction or Service, Optional (repeat) City / State Abbreviation


Kissimmee Florida Disney Vacation Rental Kissimmee FL
Portland Oregon Home Remodeling Contractor Portland OR
Massage Therapy in Portland

4) In the “Meta Keywords” section, add the keywords in which you would like your site to be queried

Meta Keywords are search phrases that people would type into a search engine. Everything between the bar (separate phrases with a comma (,).  To create your search phrases you should first research keywords for your website service for feature. Typically you want to use the words of your service (i.e Vacation Condo) along with the location of your business (city, city/state, city/state abbreviation). Try to think like a consumer: if your vacation rental property is in Kissimmee, Florida, you might have lots of people interested who would only know to search “Disney” or “Orlando.” Be creative, and have fun.

Some good examples to start with:
“city” vacation home,“city” vacation house, “city” vacation rental , “city” vacation condo, “city” getaway, “city” reunion, “city, state” vacation home, “city, state” vacation house, “city, state” vacation rental, “city, state” vacation condo, “city, state” getaway,“city, state” reunion, “city, state abbreviation” vacation home ,“city, state abbreviation” vacation house, city, state abbreviation” vacation rental,“city, state abbreviation” vacation condo,  “city, state abbreviation” getaway, “city, state abbreviation” reunion, “region” vacation home, “region” vacation house, “region” vacation rental, “region” vacation condo, “region” getaway, “region” reunion, “attraction” vacation home, “attraction” vacation house,  “attraction” vacation rental, “attraction” vacation condo, “attraction” getaway, “attraction” reunion...

Examples For Kissimmee, Florida:
Kissimmee vacation home, Kissimmee vacation house, Kissimmee vacation rental, Kissimmee vacation condo, Kissimmee getaway, Kissimmee reunion, Kissimmee Florida vacation home, Kissimmee Florida vacation house, Kissimmee Florida vacation rental, Kissimmee Florida vacation condo, Kissimmee Florida getaway, Kissimmee Florida reunion,  Kissimmee FL vacation home, Kissimmee FL vacation house, Kissimmee FL vacation rental, Kissimmee FL vacation condo, Kissimmee FL getaway, Kissimmee FL reunion, Central Florida vacation home, Central Florida vacation house, Central Florida vacation rental, Central Florida vacation condo, Central Florida getaway, Central Florida reunion, Disney vacation home, Disney vacation house, Disney vacation rental, Disney vacation condo, Disney getaway, Disney reunion...

For Kissimmee, because we know that “Orlando” is a popular search term for this area, we would also do a set with that search term:

Orlando vacation home, Orlando vacation house, Orlando vacation rental, Orlando vacation condo, Orlando getaway, Orlando reunion, Orlando Florida vacation home, Orlando Florida vacation house, Orlando Florida vacation rental, Orlando Florida vacation condo, Orlando Florida getaway, Orlando Florida reunion, Orlando FL vacation home, Orlando FL vacation house, Orlando FL vacation rental, Orlando FL vacation condo, Orlando FL getaway, Orlando FL reunion...

Tip: Look at the Meta Tags your top competitors are using and see if there are keywords that you could be using.

5) In the "Search Engine Description” we recommend that you put in the first paragraph of your web page into that section. This is a short description of the content of your webpage that gets people to click to your website.  It should be brief, informative and draw people to want to click to your website.

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