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I am ready to send out a Newsletter! How do I create one?

1. From your Web Builder Dashboard select Newsletter
2.  Select “Write/Send Newsletter" tab and click, Write A New Email
3.  From here you will notice the newsletter screen appear which contains your logo (if available) or your Website Title if you do not have a logo and the color style of your website.
4.  Type in the Subject of your newsletter (i.e. June Specials)
5.  Type your message in the message here area of the newsletter
6.  You also have the option to add images or change your background color.  Please see the appropriate FAQ's about these features.
7.  When you are done writing your Newsletter, select Preview at the bottom of your screen.  Or you can save to drafts if you aren't finished yet.
8.  If you like the way your newsletter looks select Done, Choose Recipients
9.  Choose your recipients
10. Select Done Send Newsletter

New option for how the Newsletter Sign Up appears on your site:

If you want the flexibility to move the Newsletter Sign Up fields up or down in the side banner:

1.  Go to your Home page.
2.  In your side bar, click on Add/Manage Side Banners.
3.  Click on Newsletter Signup
4.  Go through the fields and add/select what you want for your sign up.
5.  There is a small check box in the bottom left to put it on all pages, or just certain pages. 
6.  From there, on each page you can move the Newsletter Sign Up side banner wherever you prefer in the side banner.

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