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How do I link to one of my own pages of my website in my paragraph text?

Linking to an internal page of your website is a great way to help your website visitors navigate your website through specific calls to action.  For instance, let's say you want to create a link from text that reads, "Contact us now for more information" and you want this text to link to your contact form page.

Follow these simple steps:

1.  Scroll to the page block that you would like to create your link from.
2.  Select "Edit Text" on the Page Block
3.  Using your mouse, highlight the text (in this case "Contact Us For More Information")
4.  Select Link from the Editor Tools. 
5.  Select your page from the drop down box titled "My Pages"
6.  Insert your link by selecting the Insert button
7.  Save your Changes
8.  Publish your page

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