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I would like to add my own Favicon to my site. How do I do that?

If you have a favicon.ico file, skip to step #5

Step 1: Format your desired image into a square (same width as height)

 Step 2: Resize it to 16px X 16px

 Step 3: Save it as a bitmap file named "favicon.ico.bmp" (This can be done with Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop or many other image editing software)

 Step 4: Now that you have the file, rename it to "favicon.ico," your operating system might ask you to confirm the change, do so.

 Step 5: In the Web Builder, go to "Manage Library"

 Step 6: Choose "Upload New File to Library" and upload your "favicon.ico" file

 Please note, browsers cache favicons, and so your browser may not immediately realize that your website has a new favicon

Step 7: Publish your ENTIRE website for your favicon to appear

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Last update: 2011-03-02 20:21
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