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I would like to add a link to my Facebook or other social networking sites to my Webpage. How do I do that?

Adding direct links to your social networking site is easy.  Simply go to Edit Your Website and follow these steps:

1.   Click on Side Banner Library from the light blue Main Menu Bar
2.  Select Image (with Link)
3.  Download the FACEBOOK or other Social Media logo you want to link too.
4.  Under Step 2 of your side banner editor, copy the link to your social networking page into Option 2, outside link.
5.  Give your new side banner a sort order if you want to indicate importance.  The sort order determines where in your side banner your new link will appear.  The higher the number, the farther down the page it will appear.
6.  Select the pages in which you want your links to appear.
7.  Submit your changes.
8.  Publish your entire website for your new side banner link to appear

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