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I have multiple social networking accounts that I want to create links to on my website. What is the best way to do that?

We have found that to get the best result design wise if you are linking to multiple Social Networking sites is to use a table to display your images and links.

Tables are a great way to display content and images in a more customized way.

For the purposes of this tutorial, lets create a table and link to 3 different Social Networking sites

Follow these steps:

1) Select Side Banner Library from your Web Builder Dashboard
2) Select Text/HTML Code Banner
3) Using the Editor Tools, Select Insert a New Table

4) Depending upon how many Social Media accounts you are linking too, select the amount of columns to be the same as the number of Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp = 3). Now choose your number of rows. 

Because we are only adding 3 images that will act as Hyperlinks to our Social Media Profiles, choose only 1 row.
Total Columns =3, Total Rows = 1

Insert your Table

5) Place your curser into the first "cell (i.e column)" of your table
6) Select the Insert Image Icon in your Editing Tools

7) Upload your social media icons that are saved image files on your computer.  We recommend that you save each Social Media icon as a 35 x 35 pixel size image so that all three are the same size.

8) Once all of your images have been uploaded, select the first image from your library to insert into your first cell of your table.
*Once selected, the image will insert into your table cell automatically.

9) Place your curser in the second cell (i.e. column) of your table and select the Insert Image Icon
10) Select your Image from your Library

Repeat these steps until all cells each have a Social Media Icon inside it.

Now you need to set up your hyperlinks.

11) Click on the Facebook Image
12) Select the Insert Link Tool in the Text Editor

13) Paste your Facebook Profile URL into the space provided
14) Insert your Link
15) Repeat steps 11-14 until all of your Social Media profiles have been link to from their logo icons

16) Save your Side Banner
17) Publish your Entire Website

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