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How can I use Microsoft Picture Manager to resize a main image?

Microsoft Picture Manager is a program that is packaged with Microsoft Office Suite. If you have Microsoft Office, you probably have Picture Manager. With this program, you can easily resize and edit photos. The program is found in the Microsoft Office Tools folder of the Microsoft Office folder on your computer.

To resize your photos:
1. When you open the program, click on the "Add Picture Shortcut" link in the box on the left hand side
2. Browse your computer files to find the folder containing the pictures you want to resize. Select the folder and press "Open." This will add the folder to your list of picture shortcuts
3. Select a photo for resizing
4. Click the "Edit Pictures" button at the top of the screen. A toolbar will open on the right hand side of the program
5. Click the "Resize" link in the "Edit Pictures" toolbar
6. Select the dropdown menu under "Predefined width x height" and select "Web - Large (640 x 480 px)
7. Click "OK"
8. Click the "Edit Pictures" button again at the top of the screen. Then click the "Crop" link in the edit pictures toolbar on the right hand side
9. You can now adjust the edges of the picture and crop it so that it is the correct size. You can see the picture dimensions in the right-hand tool bar, so that way you'll know that the photo is the size you want it to be
10. Say OK to crop the photo. Then File --> Save As... to save it with a new name (that way you don't overwrite the original file)

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